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Furry Philosophers and their Fine Feathered Friends


Click here for Bird QuotesMany pet owners, animals lovers and enlightened observers believe that animals can talk. These people claim that if we listen closely we can gain meaningful knowledge from our furry and fine feathered friends. But, during the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often don't have the time to communicate with our own family members let alone our pets. And we often don't notice that we are being casually observed by a very watchful, discerning and perceptive pet or backyard visitor. While we hurry about they are gaining knowledge about us, our habits and the world that we share with them. The purpose of this Web site is to let our animal friends share their infinite wisdom with us through photographs and famous inspirational quotes. So be prepared. These idealistic pets and critters will stimulate you to think and examine the relationship between humanity and nature.

Observe and Listen

Click here for Dog QuotesMany people agree that we can learn much from our furry and feathered friends if we just take the time to carefully observe and listen . As one wise observer once said: "Lots of people talk to the animals, not very many listen, though....that's the problem". Throughout history mankind has endeavored to understand communication between people and animals. Philosophers, writers, photographers, artists, musicians, poets and cartoonists have often used animals as the subject of their dialogue and art. Present day cartoonist, Scott Adams (creator of the very popular cartoon series, Dogbert) has his own opinion on this subject;

I'm pretty sure that animals can talk. They just don't want to ruin a good thing. We feed them and pet them and scooper their poopers. They repay us by lying in sun spots and napping. Animals are too smart to rock the boat. If they started talking we'd be obliged to invite them to staff meetings and put them on task forces and generally ruin their idyllic lives. If I were a talking animal I wouldn't say a thing. That's for sure.

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Photo Gallery

Click here for Cat QuotesTake time to browse through the photographs in the Photo Gallery. You will be impressed by the various critters, large and small, furry and feathered who make their contribution to the gallery. Click on the Photo Gallery link here or at the top of the page....and enjoy! Here you will find photographs that will make great wall quotes for kid's rooms and classroom doors. They would also make a great impression at the office and workplace. This is your place for unique gift ideas.

Cats, Dogs, Birds - Critters of all shapes and sizes!

Scott Adams, Conversations With Dogbert, Andrews and McMeel, 1996

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