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A little about me.....

The idea for this Web site came to me during the first online Web design course I took a couple of years ago.

When deciding on a subject for my Web project I told my instuctor that the main criteria for my new Web site was that it had to be fun to work on. My full-time work is very demanding and I needed to tackle a project that provided a bit of escapism. This is how "Furry Philosophers and their Fine Feathered Friends" came into existence. This Web site involves some things I truly enjoy in life - photography, PhotoShop, critters and inspirational quotes. So, participating in the Web design course and working on my first Web project has been a stimulating diversion. I hope that you enjoy visiting this site as much as I did creating it for you.

I would enjoy hearing from you. Please email your comments, suggestions and ideas to

Terry Lund


The background music used in my Photo Gallery slideshow is a selection called "Miles Away" from the album "Link" by Norwegian New Age composer, Oystein Sevag.

I did not create the "blinking cat" image on the Photo Gallery page. It was attached to an email I recently received. I would love to acknowledge the creator of this great image if I knew who he or she was. Anybody out there know? If so, contact me at the above email address so I can give credit where credit is due. Thanks.

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